There are basically two types of advertising agencies, those that take orders and those that take the initiative. DON Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations is by far the latter. DON goes much further than most other agencies by not only learning the complexities of your business, but also learning your profession’s nuances. DON then converts this knowledge into inventive ideas and approaches that produce positive results.

This agency works specifically with entrepreneurs and professionals who are experts at what they do and smart enough to hire experts to handle the things outside of the realm of their expertise. DON takes advantage of being on the outside to gain a fresh perspective and clear look in. It’s the beginning of how strategic, insightful, innovative, on-target and action invoking communication is created.

Trust is where brand loyalty begins.

Although advertising is mass communication, the creative should speak to an individual’s emotions and values. If people take the time to read, watch or listen to your advertisements, they should be rewarded with an interesting and entertaining message.

The best advertising invokes emotion and fosters trust. Only through trust can the bond between audience and advertiser be formed. Trust truly is where brand loyalty begins.

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DON has a reputation for effective, memorable creativity that grabs your attention, holds it, and does not let go. Just check out the DON online portfolio to see for yourself.

But what good is a great campaign if
no one sees or hears it?

DON firmly believes that the bulk of your budget should be used to get your message out. The best media mix depends on many factors. It ranges from the obvious traditional broadcast and print, to the not so obvious new forms of digital marketing and social networking. DON makes client’s media dollars work harder and go further. Finding the right mix at the right time at the lowest possible rates is what this agency does best.

We have no bureaucracy.

When you deal with DON, you deal with the people who are actually doing the work. DON has an in-house HD video, audio and graphic art studio and rarely uses outside sources thus keeping costs low to you. DON maintains all current data and analytical tools such as Nielsen, Arbitron, SRDS, etc. and performs all analysis in-house. The agency's expertise spans a wide range of clients, from small startups to multi-national corporate giants. DON has the capacity to take on a multi-million dollar account and is just as at home with smaller local accounts. Click here for a FREE, No Obligation evaluation of your advertising/marketing efforts.