DON seeks relationships with clients for whom it can make a meaningful ­contribution. The agency knows that its entire business relies on the ­success of its clients. DON is extremely results oriented. The ­longevity and success of the agency's clients are a testament to this.

DON uses its vast experience to lead its clients through the maze of ­marketing options and find the proper mix for success. The agency's #1 priority is to ­quickly offer ­marketing and organizational solutions that ­produce results. This agency knows its job and does it well.

The agency's founder alone has over 30 years experience in advertising and is the ­former Vice President of a national agency. The remainder of DON has the ­experience necessary to ensure that every move along the way is ­positioned for success.

DON does not believe that ­success is a game of chance. A structured, ­properly researched approach is always the best solution. This agency utilizes ­external sources, client input and prior ­experiences to find the proper pieces of the puzzle ­necessary for success.

DON stays on the cutting edge of technology and maintains the latest advances in hardware and software as well as digital audio and video ­equipment. The agency's ­analytical, business and ­creative capabilities are ­unsurpassed in any industry.

Media only performs two basic functions - Reach & Frequency. It ­simply ­reaches a certain number of people a certain number of times. Finding the right mix at the right time at the lowest possible rates is what DON does best.

DON is heavily involved with the media. The agency has strong press ­relationships. DON is ­respected by the news media, known to be ­reputable, and writes, even sometimes co-produces, stories for them. Better than 9 out of 10 of the agency's stories/community events are picked up by the press.

DON has full in-house ­creative capabilities. All ­creative materials are conceived, ­written, designed, directed and ­produced in the agency's offices by DON ­personnel. The agency also knows that ­creativity is not a measure of money, and believes good creativity is an idea or approach that ­simply works.

DON provides a well thought out and planned annual recommendation that ­includes the ­following: Situation Analysis, Goals for the Year, Promotional/Product Strategy, Creative Strategy, Media Analysis, Media Plan, Marketing Activities Calendar and Budget Breakdown Report.

DON derives its income from the 15% discount on media given to qualified agencies. Non-­discounted media is marked up to yield 15% of the gross cost. All ­production projects are quoted on a per job basis. The agency does not charge a retainer and is totally ­disclosed to its clients.

DON is a full-service advertising, marketing, and public relations firm with a history of results and success. The agency believes it has a lot to offer a ­potential client. DON looks ­forward to building many more mutually ­successful relationships and handling all your marketing and advertising needs for years to come.