Social Media Marketing (SMM) ultimately means many things to many people. For our purposes, we’ll define Social Media Marketing as using:

• Social Bookmarking (eg. Delicious, Google Bookmarks)
• Social News (eg. Digg, Reddit)
• Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
• Social Tagging (eg. StumbleUpon)
• Ratings and Review Sites (eg. TripAdvisor, Yelp)
• Social Answers and Collaboration Type Sites (Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia)

The benefits of using social media marketing can be many. The great successes that people have experienced using SMM were to specific types of businesses and/or websites such as special promotional offers from leading national brands such as Coke and Marlboro, and specialized attractions such as mobile gourmet kitchens that rely on Twitter so that customers can experience the game of finding them around a certain geographical area. While there are many benefits to social media, it is not necessarily for everyone. Social media is in fact but one tool in the internet marketers’ toolkit. Its use should be carefully considered in the scope of a larger campaign, and each media’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind, social media traffic typically converts extremely poorly, but is recommended to accomplish supporting goals.

It is the sincere belief of this agency that the importance of SMM is overrated in many cases, and too time consuming for the results yielded. But we do recommend its use on a limited, more efficient basis by keeping current information posted on all major social networking sites.